Tuition fee policy


All school policies related to tuition fees and related procedures are in conformity with the policy of the Ministry of Education, and all matters related to parents’ financial statements and their marital status are dealt with with complete confidentiality and professionalism.


Clarify and organize the process of receiving school payments and explain the payment procedures, terms and conditions associated with them to the concerned employees and parents


First: General Regulations:

1- It is required upon registration to pay a seat reservation fee of (3000) riyals, and deducted from the entire fee, and it is not refundable in the event the student withdraws.
2. The fee includes “1 school uniform, sports suit, textbooks, lieutenant, art and school tools, swimming.
3. The fee does not include trips and meals.
4. Tuition fees and seat reservation fees are non-refundable regardless of any circumstances or any amount paid.
5. In the event that a book is lost, the student can purchase a new book from the school library, and the price of the book will be paid in cash according to the book price for the stage.

  Grade Level     Registration Fee  September  Registration Fee    Full Tuition
 1st   Installment  2st   Installment
         KG1 3000 8,500                          5,000 16,500
         KG2     3000 8,500                          5,000 16,500
         KG3            3000 8,500                          5,000 16,500
       Grade1     3000 8,500                          5,000 16,500
       Grade2 3000 8,500                          5,000 16,500
       Grade3 3000 8,500                          5,000 16,500
       Grade4 3000 8,500                          5,000 16,500
       Grade5 3000 8,500                          5,000 16,500

Transportation fees for the whole academic year

Transportation fees for the whole academic year


going and coming back



Note: When two brothers register for transportation, a 30% discount is given to the second brother and above.

important information:

1. In the event that the full tuition fees are paid at the beginning of the year, 5% will be deducted for the sisters and so forth
Above the value of the semester fees.
2. The tuition fee after the first week has passed is not refundable.
Payment is made either in cash or transfer via Al-Rajhi Bank:
Account No. SA8280000471608010146330 “My Little Town”
With transfer sending

Acknowledgment and commitment

Acknowledgment and commitment: From the student’s guardian: …………………… ..
I, the parent (mother or father) undersigned, acknowledge that I have reviewed the financial system for registration listed above. And I agreed to it as a contract between me and the school. I pledge to fully comply with it and pay all due fees according to the above schedule. My daughter’s attendance at school is my agreement to this contract. The school has the right to take everything it deems appropriate to preserve its financial and moral rights in the event of a delay in payment, and for that, I have signed it.
The name :………………………………
Signature: ……………………………
Date: 14/14 AH