Thursday, January 27, 2022

Safety and Security Policy

Safety and Security Policy

The security and protection of schools are among the established values in the schools of KSA, whether they represent the protection students of schools, those working in them, or the school campus. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety and security.

The aim of the policy

This policy aims to create a safe working environment, and to define the basic rules and complex definitions in the school as a whole


To implement this policy, the following procedures and steps must be implemented

1- Building Supervisor responsibilities related to the security of the educational facility:

*Maintaining school security is extremely important because it ensures the safety of staff and students and reduces the risk of vandalism or theft. Therefore, the building supervisor’s responsibility lies in:
*Maintain a registry of keys and change lost or stolen keys instantly
*Make sure all classes and buildings are safe, and close windows and doors
*Report any security violations to the school administration, specifically to the vice principal for Quality Assurance
*Ensure that there are no students, employees, or visitors in or around the school building in the post-working hours
*Ensure that if there was someone wishing to move around the building must obtain written permission from the leader or assistant leader and he will be under the supervision until he leaves
*Arrange procedures for any maintenance work after working hours and provide a complete and approved work permit with each maintenance worker
Special security and a school guard are available in front of each building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the main gate

2- Security Awareness Training

The school staff need training in security rules and regulations by the safety and security supervisor, the school leader and quality assurance assistance and an external security institution at least once in one semester

3- Dealing with visitors / special entry permit

Identity Verification: All the above-mentioned categories of visitors must submit their ID to the receptionist by the visitors before they leave from the reception desk
Privacy: the visitor must remain in the reception area and respect Privacy of the school departments. It is not possible to reach other departments in the school without permission from the administration until it is directed or accompanied by a school employee
If a visitor needs to enter some areas of the school that visitors cannot normally reach, he must obtain approval from the school agent or the leader after record their information in the visitor record.
Parents and visitors are not allowed to enter any building without registering the required information according to the visitors ’record in the reception area upon entering the school from the main entrance
In the case that a visitor / trainer / supervisor arrives to meet any employee in the school, the visitor is received at the reception area , and his information is recorded in the visitor register as mentioned above, then he waits in the reception area for the concerned employee to come and accompany her to the hall Meetings at the administration office under the supervision of the school leader or assistance

4- Television circles / surveillance cameras

Staff safety is of great importance and the school strives to make the school a safe educational environment. At the beginning of each academic year, female employees are provided with information that provides details of all school policies and procedures. Regular communication throughout the school year also ensures that female employees are provided with everything new and thus staying in constant touch with safety matters .
Students are not allowed to leave school except with a guardian or authorized persons .
The school’s safety and security policies are shared with students through leadership sessions, and these policies are shared with parents via the school’s online portal .
School safety policies cover various aspects of student and employee safety, including but not limited to :
A- Environmental and School Health Policy
B- Risk Management
C- The Code of Professional Conduct
W- The Code of Conduct for Male and Female Students
C- First aid policy
H – Bullying policy
G- Student protection policy
D- The emergency and accidents policy
I- A grievance and complaints policy
The communication policy

5- Protection of school property

The school has several assets and may purchase new assets. All equipment that can be moved or carried easily will be marked, and stored safely to prevent theft or damage. The following guidelines will be used by the school to distinguish the school property
Maintain and maintain inventory of equipment and property by building supervisor and maintenance .
Mark all school assets with a label created from the Assets Unit, which makes the assets traceable
Asset classification should not slow down manufacturer guarantees, damages, or safety risks
A disciplinary measure will be taken by the school against male and female students or female employees in the event that they commit certified theft or damage to school property
The building supervisor must contact the authorities in the event of theft or damage to the school property only upon approval of the school leader

6- Incident Management

The administrative leaders in the school do not meet with unaccompanied visitors or parents, the social worker is invited to attend meetings with department supervisors and document these meetings and is shared with parents and designated female employees
In the event that the visitor who does not have an appointment or permission insists upon entering the departments that he is not allowed to enter, the security guard or the security and safety supervisor immediately calls on a wireless communication device to accompany the visitor outside the building
If refusal to register data upon entering the visitor register or presenting the identity card to the receptionist, the school has the right to call the safety and security supervisor to accompany the visitor outside the building or to contact the designated authorities .
The most important point of sophistication, rapid intuition and a smile in dealing with all critical or difficult situations quickly and effectively to control these situations and prevent their escalation