Admission and Registration Policy


The school registration and admission policy is based on the laws and regulations of the Department of Education and Knowledge under the supervision of the Ministry of Education for all levels.


Help in welcoming a new student to an educational institution and integrating him into the required system and society.
Establish clear operating standards for the registration process and work organization.


First: General Regulations:

1. Students are accepted regardless of race, color, nationality, religion or gender.
2. The school separates the sexes from the first grade to the third grade of primary school, in separate classes for the female students.
3. The age of accepting students is:

(maximum) (minimum) Academic year Stage
3 years, 11 months 3 years Rawda Awal  kg 1 Kindergarten
4 years, 11 months 4 years Rawda Thani kg 2
5 years, 11 months 5 years Kindergarten third kg 3
6 years, 11 months 5 years and 6 months The first primary is GR1 Primary
7 years, 11 months 7 years The second primary is GR2
8 years, 11 months 8 years The third primary GR3
9 years, 11 months 9 years Fourth primary GR4  
10 years, 11 months 10 years Fifth primary GR  

4. The number of students does not exceed 18 students in Kindergarten, and not more than 20 students in the kindergarten stage, and does not exceed 25 students in the primary stage classes.
5. Registration opens every year at the beginning of March, and parents are advised to register early.
6. In the event that the demand for seats increases, priority is given to old students, teachers’ children, those who have siblings registered in the school, students who live near the school, and Saudi students.
7. Students and parents are provided with the opportunity to tour the school, upon their request, to learn more about the services before registering in the school.
8. All students and parents should read (the student’s introductory guide to laws and regulations) and sign a pledge to abide by what it says and hand it over to the customer service employees.
9. The school registers male and female students in the Noor system according to the dates and regulations set by the Ministry of Education.
10. The Student Affairs Service Department must request that students and parents ’data be updated at the beginning of the school year, especially with regard to health and social status, family status, phone numbers and means of communication for the student and family.
11- The school makes sure to maintain all official documents, school records, and individual plans for all students and works on updating them in the student’s paper and electronic file. All student data shall be private and confidential.

Second: Registration steps:

1. The guardian fills out the registration form and prepares all the required papers and submits them to the customer service staff in the reception department.
2. The student is interviewed with the kindergarten administration to verify his capabilities and suitability in the age-level programs offered to them.
3. A personal interview is conducted for female students who wish to register in our schools with the English language department supervisor, the female student affairs vice-president, and whoever acts on her behalf to hold the interviews.
4. Female students who wish to register are subject to a written test in (English language) on a day that the school determines its date according to the admission and registration skills with the department and the age group.
5. The results of the applicants (passed and not passed) are sorted based on a percentage of not less than 60% in the test.
6- The guardian shall be notified of the student’s acceptance or lack thereof in order to complete the registration procedures.
7. After accepting the new student, the guardian is required to visit the accounts to pay the installments and fees due and to register with transportation if necessary.
8. After signing the contract, the financial statement and paying the due installments, the guardian can go to the Student Affairs Department to receive the school curricula and school uniforms.

Third: Withdrawal and Transfer:

1- Parents must complete the withdrawal request form from the Customer Service Department.
2. A female employee must follow the guardian’s clearance from all accounts, technology and library departments in the school
3- Receive transport certificates and papers from the registration office within 3 days from the date of submitting the application.
4- After these steps, the student’s file will be withdrawn.